For those times when you don’t wish to transport your horses, whether it’s across country or just down the road, call on the professionals at Brook Ledge Horse Transportation. Experienced equestrians have depended on Brook Ledge for nationwide shipment of their Horses for almost 50 years. As a concerned owner, you will have peace of mind knowing that Brook Ledge will take extra special care with your precious cargo. Your USRoper Membership entitles you to a 5% discount on horse transportation shipping charges with Brook Ledge, simply call and mention you are a USRoper MemberFor more information, click on the logo, or call 800-523-8143.

SkyMed, North America’s premier emergency air repatriation membership service, is now available to USRoper Members at a 20% discount off everyday annual retail membership rates. The SkyMed Ultimate Family rate is only $59 per month. SkyMed takes you home in the event of a critical illness or injury. SkyMed will dispatch a medically equipped jet to the stranded patient for a return flight home at NO cost to the USRoper Member. Flights could cost you up to $50,000 or more. Cash in advance. SkyMed also sends a replacement driver to the stranded horse and trailer so it can be safely returned. NO deductibles, no co-pays, no cumbersome forms when service is required. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-475-9633.