Tack and Equipment

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Rein-Aid offers a variety of products that contain elastic to soften the connection between horse and rider. Whether you use Rein-Aid inserts or full Elasto-Reins, your horse will become more willing to soften to the bit, relax and go slower, rounder and more correctly. You can do dressage, jump, trail ride, hunt, barrel race, drive and train yourself and your horse to perform more smoothly with Rein-Aid. These products are kind, effective and safe with leather backing on all elastic portions. USRoper Members receive an exclusive 20% discount. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-773-4885.

Since 2013, Riding Warehouse has been proudly serving the three main disciplines of equestrian sport: English, Western and Endurance. No matter the type of rider, putting you and your equine first is the essence of who we are. With our unbeatable customer service, free shipping on eligible orders, 365-day return policy, and carefully selected product offerings, Riding Warehouse strives to provide an exceptional and easy shopping experience from start to finish! USRoper Members save 15% off our already low prices. For more information, click on the logo or call 800-620-9146.

The SaddleRight Pad was designed to deflect the impact on a horse’s muscles and reflex centers. It yields with the pressure of saddle and rider and because of its high-rebound properties returns immediately to its original shape. The SaddleRight Pad never allows the saddle bars and the rider’s weight to press steadily against the muscle. As a USRoper Member, receive FREE shipping on any order. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-677-6970.

Stagecoach West opened in 1977 as a small tack-supply store. As word spread about their excellent customer service, the company grew, as did their reputation for quality and price. Stagecoach West has one of the largest outlets for horse and rider supplies. USRoper members receive 10% discount on every order over $50 (sorry, saddles excluded). For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-648-1121.