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Paint horse in slant load trailer with alert expression watching goings on at horse show
3 Basic Reasons Why Your Horse Should Load Into the Trailer
If you’re a horse owner, chances are you’ve had to transport your equine companion at some point. Whether it’s for a vet appointment, a competition, or simply moving to a new barn, loading and traveling in a trailer is an essential skill for horses to have. However, not all horses are comfortable with trailer loading, and this can be a source of stress and danger for both the horse and you. Teaching a horse to load should be a slow process – you can create lasting problems for your horse if you rush this task. Why is it paramount for your horse to load safely? Let’s look at three basic reasons. Safety First The most important reason to teach your horse how to load into a trailer is safety. Proper training can prevent accidents during loading and traveling. Loading a horse in a hurry that is clearly uncomfortable or scared will almost certainly lead to an accident. Whether he panics in the trailer and hurts himself, or blows out backward when you open the door, safely loading and unloading...
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AVIS Rent-A-Car
USRoper Members receive up to 25% discount on Avis prices
Avis Rent A Car System, LLC and its subsidiaries operate the world’s second-largest general-use car rental business, providing a wide range of services at 4,750 locations worldwide. Avis is recognized as the industry leader in applying new technologies and services, including customer loyalty programs such as Avis Preferred and Avis First. Avis Cares® is a multifaceted program designed to make drivers feel at home on the road by providing region-specific safety information, vehicle operating guides, daily weather updates and city guides. USRoper Members receive up to 25% discount on Avis prices. For more information call 800-225-7094.
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Barmah Hats
USRoper Members receive a 5% discount and FREE shipping on orders over $50.
The Original Outdoor Hats – committed to using only the finest materials and producing their own Australian-made leathers, has developed the most versatile and durable range of outdoor hats on the market. Many of their great hats are handmade in Minnesota, USA. USRoper Members receive a 5% discount and FREE shipping on orders over $50. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-984-8549.
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Know Before You Go 
With the summer run upon us, it’s time to compile your pre-hauling checklists. As a reader of The Team Roping Journal, it’s a fairly safe assumption you’ve got more than a few miles—and probably a few stories to go along with them—tallied up in your horse-hauling log. Nonetheless, with the bulk of the summer miles ahead, the time to make sure you and your rig are ready is now.  STATS AND FACTS FROM THE ROAD According to USRoper—a premier roadside assistance program designed specifically for ropers—there are 70 million vehicle breakdowns in the United States each year, which equates to one in every three drivers. If you spend enough hours hauling horses, it may only be a matter of time before you come face-to-face with a breakdown while loaded.  Annually, the USRoper call center, which answers more than 10,000 calls for roadside services a year, dispatches help nearly 2,200 times to people with their horses in tow—more than 20% of their total calls. Since...
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USRoper Members receive a 10% discount
Travel with peace of mind with PressurePro’s market-leading Tire Pressure Monitoring Solution. Arming you with real-time tire performance data and alerts to dangerous tire situations whether on the road or parked, PressurePro helps add safety and efficiency to your journeys, no matter the road you travel. With low-tire-pressure remaining the leading cause of tire failure, PressurePro’s wireless design allows equestrians to extend tire life, increase fuel efficiency, improve handling and stability, improve braking and ride with confidence. Packed with the market’s most advanced features, PressurePro remains simple to install and easy to move between vehicles and trailers. USRoper Members receive a 10% discount. For more information call 800-959-3505.
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Rostech Electronics, Inc.
USRoper Members receive a $50 discount on the purchase of a system
Have you ever wondered how your Horses were traveling in the trailer as you drive down the road? There is no need to wonder any longer. Rostech Electronics has developed an inexpensive color monitoring system to give you a complete view of the trailer interior. With the camera in the trailer and the monitor in the cab of your tow vehicle, you can easily see your Horses. The system is portable, wireless and transmits up to 1,000 feet. USRoper Members receive a $50 discount on the purchase of a system. For more information call 800-361-8080.
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Sport Chassis Heavy Duty Pickups
USRoper members receive $5000 worth of add-ons and accessories, when purchasing a new SportChassis truck
SportChassis, the American brand of heavy duty pickups whose name goes hand in hand with luxury, strength, and pride, is recognized by the United States Department of Transportation as the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the SportChassis, which is its own vehicle line/make. What this means to you the customer is: value certainty of your SportChassis when insuring or reselling, peace of mind knowing that you can get bumper to bumper warranty and service work at any Freightliner service point, and overall greater satisfaction of ownership with the SportChassis. USRoper members receive $5000 worth of add-ons and accessories, when purchasing a new SportChassis truck. For more information call 800-358-7624.
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Swift Hitch
USRoper Members receive $20 off and free shipping on all Swift Hitch products (purchase of $50 or more)
Swift Hitch is the original wireless portable back-up camera system designed to assist with hitching up your horse trailer. It can also be used to watch your horse in the trailer. Since 2006 the Swift Hitch’s portability, reverse imaging, and night-vision capabilities have made this innovative product a valued tool. Swift Hitch’s SH02 wireless system is the 2012 NATDA (North America Trailer Dealer Association) New Product of the Year and now upgraded to non-interference digital version SH02D. Switch Hitch proudly delivers high quality products with outstanding customer service. USRoper Members receive $20 off and free shipping on all Swift Hitch products (purchase of $50 or more). For more information call 617-600-8282.
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The Organized Barn & Trailer
USRoper Members receive a 5% discount
Organize your barn, trailer and show tack stall with the Handy Organizing Storage System from The Organized Barn & Trailer. Simply hang panels on the wall of your trailer dressing room, wash rack, tack room, etc. and then use bins, baskets, hooks, shelves, saddle racks and more to organize your belongings. The Organized Barn & Trailer also offers water tanks, mounting blocks, feed carts and other ranch necessities. USRoper Members receive a 5% discount. For more information, call 888-298-8628.
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