Don’t let unexpected vehicle or trailer problems delay the trip to your next event. USRoper offers 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance for trucks and horse trailers. Flat tire? Dead battery? Mechanical problems? We’ve got you covered. Not towing a horse trailer? No problem. USRoper membership covers you in any vehicle you are traveling in. With USRoper, there is no need to carry any other roadside assistance coverage. Join USRoper today and travel worry free knowing our dispatch team is standing should you experience vehicle or trailer problems while traveling. Plus, as a Barrelracing.com member, you save 15% on your membership.

BarrelRacing.com Members Receive 15% Off!

Your USRoper® roadside assistance benefits are in full force even when you are not traveling with your Horses.

No matter what vehicle you are traveling in – even if you are not driving – we’ve got you covered.


Typical Motor Plan

RV Motor Plan

Enhanced or Plus Motor Plan




Battery Assistance



   100 Miles*

Roadside Service: Flat Tire Assistance, Jumpstarts, Fuel Delivery




Coverage on Dual-Wheeled Vehicles


Horse Trailer Service and Towing


Emergency Stabling, Veterinary and Farrier Referrals


$5,000 Theft Reward for Tow Vehicle and Trailer


Exclusive Membership Discounts


* $400 max benefit per vehicle per incident
** Coverage amounts do not include cost of parts or fluids. USRoper does not cover Commercial Haulers.

How much does a USRoper Membership cost? The annual membership fee for a Primary USRoper member is $188. 

Can I add my spouse or child at a discounted rate? Yes. Primary Members can add Associate Memberships at the reduced rate of $79 annually. An Associate Member is your spouse or domestic partner who is a resident of the same household; your child, who is a resident of the same household and under the age of 19; or your child, whose primary residence is the same household, and who is a tax dependent of the “Member,” is considered a full-time student at an accredited college or university, and is 25 years of age or younger

Does USRoper cover me only when I am towing my horse trailer? No! We cover you, as the Member, in any non-commercial, roadworthy vehicle you are in, regardless of whether you are towing a horse trailer – or whether you are driving. Our Members only need to be present in the vehicle at the time of disablement for coverage to be applicable. The only vehicle(s) we do not cover are motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, or tractors.